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Discovering photography

“Transmitting one's knowledge, one's passion is wonderful. They traveled the world in pictures with me. Together we learned the secrets of the trade. Now it's my turn to introduce you to the techniques of photography.
Good course! »

Photographe paysagiste

Duration : 2h

Levels : Beginners / Amateurs 

Participants : 1 à 5

Ciel nuageux

​Duration : 3h

Levels : All Levels

Participants : 1 à 5

Passage piéton

Duration : 3h

Levels : All Levels

Participants : 1 à 5

Session Advice

Beginners / Amateurs / Advanced amateurs

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In video

Also availableble in English and Spanish 

-I would like to benefit from the expertise of a professional to evaluate my photos. I am waiting for advice on the technical and aesthetic aspects in order to understand how to improve them and why they do not have the desired impact.

-I want to deepen my understanding of a specific technical point to gain autonomy, optimize my time when shooting and stimulate my creativity.

-Choosing a new camera can be confusing. Define your photography needs, set a realistic budget, then search for models that match those criteria. Compare features to find the perfect device.

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