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Photo session "At the beach"
45€ (Session fees)

A short hour on the beach next to those we love in all simplicity and naturalness.

Treat yourself to one or more beautiful photo(s) of yourself or treat your loved ones!

Progress of the photo shoot?

-First step, we block a slot at the beginning or end of the day to take advantage of a beautiful light.

-Second step, the day after your photo session, you will receive a contact sheet. The contact sheet is a selection of around 25 photos from which you will be able to choose the photos you like.

-Third and last step, your order. Online, you send me your selection.

It usually takes me 2 to 3 days to send you your best shots directly by transfer.


Cost of the photoshoot?

The shooting is invoiced at €45.00.

Then you set the budget:

  • For digital files, it's either €14.50 per photo or €259.00 for the entire report (colour and black and white).

  • Prints will be available upon request only

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