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• Limited and certified edition of 10 copies on Fine Art Hahnemühle 310 grams paper.

• Signed by the artist

• Watermarked certificate of authenticity, numbered with tamper-proof hologram.

• Illustration for information purposes only.

Shipping cost

• Free delivery in mainland France


  • Delivery between 2 and 3 weeks from the order.

  • Is this the cocoon of an Oimbação spider?

    Or the swarm of Asian hornets?

    I see that the weather is nice

    Through these chimerical threads.

    But the ground is shaking below.

    It buzzes. It’s shrill like the friction of scrap metal.

    Hands on my ears, I remain on my knees.

    I understand nothing. In my head, it's a mess.

    And then appears in the distance, over there,

    Strange critters.

    My eyes blink. My head is going.

    The critters are approaching. I'm afraid they will eat me.

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